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Individual Therapy

We come to therapy for different reasons and with different goals. I invite you to bring your challenges to therapy and share what burdens or holds you back. I’ll work with you to design an individualized strategy to fit your needs, meet you where you are and take you step-by-step through the process. Whether you’re seeking a structured, individualized program spanning twelve weeks or a more open structure addressing needs as they arise, I’m honored to walk you through the process of being a stronger, more fulfilled version of yourself. 

Couples Therapy

Whether your relationship is suffering because of a breakdown in communication, overall disconnect, or infidelity, or you are looking to deepen your connection, I am here to listen. My approach is direct, supportive, and action-oriented, focused on communication skills.  I will guide you through resolving current issues and healing from past challenges to move toward a stronger, more bonded relationship. Healing and change start with you and your partner showing up for each other by getting the support your relationship deserves. 

In addition to romantic partners, I also specialize in working with siblings, mothers & adult daughters, and adult twins. 

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Infertility Group

Struggling with infertility can spur feelings of shame, isolation, inadequacy, and grief. These stressors can impact your relationships, family life, and overall wellbeing. In this twelve-week group process, you will learn and practice my Infertility Mindfulness Method while being held by a community of women. You will gain tools to relieve stress and anxiety, cultivate acceptance and self-efficacy, and develop an internal peace from which you can guide your chosen path. As someone who has navigated the challenges of infertility, it is my intention to you help you reconnect to hope and compassion. 


This group is for any woman challenged by infertility, regardless of whether you’ve chosen to employ medical intervention. Contact me for the next start date. 

Twin Parenting Group

Whether your twins are infants, school-age, or older, challenges regularly arise that are unique to the twin-parent experience. In this group, you’ll connect with other twin parents while receiving professional guidance to nurture emotionally healthy twins. As a mother to identical twin girls, I know what it is like to struggle, love fiercely, and want the best for my children. Personal experience combined with years of studying the psychology of twins and twin parenting is the unique lens from which I guide this group.

This group is for expecting, new, and seasoned parents of twins. Contact me to join the waitlist. 


Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is a way of being in and navigating the world with compassion. It teaches us how to live – without expectation and judgment - in the present. From this place, we can better cope with stress and pain, and connect with inner calm and bliss.  Each week we will explore a different mindfulness technique and how to incorporate it into your specific life. I will teach you a combination of seated and movement meditations and provide homework for practice and integration.


Whether you’re new to mindfulness or looking to deepen your practice, I look forward to supporting you in your journey to reap the rewards of mindfully being in your life. 

Somatic Therapy

Using movement, breath, and visualization techniques inspired by mindfulness and yoga, somatic therapy will help you release tension and trauma living in the body. After establishing a more direct connection between mind and body, I will guide you to focus on physical sensations and how they connect to your emotional experience. This work can be in done in tandem with talk therapy or on its own to address anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. 

You don’t need to be a yogi, dancer or even an accomplished mover. All you need is a willingness to connect to your physical, emotional, and rational bodies.

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